Quality of Work Management, Environmental Protection, and Health Safety and Protection at Work

The company is well aware of the importance of production quality, health safety and protection at work and the environmental impact of work. Therefore the company has applied the system of quality management, the system of health safety and protection at work, and the system of environmental protection. On 14th January 2002 the company acquired the certification according to CSN EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System (QMS) – through which the company secures top-level and high-quality of provided services.

On 5th April 2006 the company has applied the Environmental Management System (EMS) – Environmental Protection, certified according to the CSN EN ISO 14001 , as well as Work Safety Management System – Health Safety and Protection at Work, certified according to the CSN OHSAS 18001 .

The functionality of the integrated system is continually examined through internal audits and external inspection audits that are executed annually. Every three years a certification audit is carried out as well.

Qualification of Employees

  • Professional electro technical qualifications according to the Ministry of Transport regulation no. 100/1995 Coll. and according to the regulation of the Czech Work Safety Agency and Czech Mining Agency no. 50/1978 Coll.
  • Leading employees including the team leaders hold professional examinations F-09 and F-10 in the sense of the Railway Infrastructure Administration directive no. 50 “Requirements for professional qualifications of providers regarding work on the railway run by the state agency Railway Infrastructure Administration”.
    F-09 – Manager of work at the overhead line
    F-10 – Manager of work at electric appliances
  • Health conditions according to the regulation no. 101/1995 Coll., through which the Code for Health and Professional Qualifications for Running the Railway and Rail Transport is released.
  • Holders of cards allowing the entry of the premises of Czech Railway (CD, a.s.) and Railway Infrastructure Administration (SZDC, s.o.) publically inaccessible (extent of the permission – complete railway network).

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