Since its foundation in 1997, the joint stock company TRAMO RAIL, a.s. has acquired a reputation of a dynamic and economically stable construction company that deals with its clients, suppliers, employees as well as shareholders in a responsible way. The company disposes of ample technical and production base. Its employees hold necessary professional qualifications. The company is thus fully prepared for the realization of orders regarding designated technical appliances and reserved technical appliances of maintenance, construction and reconstruction of overhead line and heavy-current appliances throughout the Czech Republic.

The amount of orders confirms the strong position of the company on the market. The company has managed to achieve top quality of the provided services, which is sustained by its credentials.

The company has applied an integrated system of management including the systems of quality management, environmental management, and management of health safety and protection at work according to the standards ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Main activities of the company

  •  construction, repairs, and inspections of reserved electrical appliances in the extent of effective permissions
  • revisions, inspections, and tests of designated technical appliances in operation
  • complete reconstruction of the overhead lines of the national railway and sidings
  • overhead line of tram and trolleybus tracks
  • outdoor lighting of railway stations and stops
  • projection of construction
  • operation of railway transport on national and regional tracks in the Czech Republic
  • executing regular maintenance of overhead lines and heavy-current